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Poster: rastamon Date: Jan 24, 2007 6:21pm
Forum: democracy_now Subject: for spaced case...moved

a troll? rastamon was changed to cosmicharlie because there was a rastamAn who showed up as such. I changed my name with everyone's knowledge. lately i went back to rastamon my "true" name. Seems you're too spaced to check it out.
I'm a white mon also, and if i have to think about it, I guess I'm pink and i'm proud. Yet I'm not a bigot or racist. But I'm not at all "ashamed" to be white. I've kept nobody "down", unlike some white and black and brown racists have.
Dire is a good man with a good heart imo. Wanting the USA to stay at least 50% white is no prob with me, considering the illegal hoard trampling the USA's citizens rights and laws, taxing our system and not assimulating into OUR culture legally. Fodder for your dream revolution?
A majority percentage of these folks are not considered "white"
Say, for the sake of argument, that 8 out of 10 crack babies are black, is it racist to state the fact?
Or 9 out of 10 terrorists are muslim is that a bigoted statement- If they are??
I'd be happy if no racial distinction was ever made, but then were would the fan's of socialist revolution blow?
So keep blowing the flames, bigots and racists! If there is no problem, create it. Seperate and conquer, all you white, black, Jew. Christian, Muslim hater's.
I know your kind, spaced. The scum on the streets of San Fransicko who demonstrate and suppress free speech.
Fuck your phoney revolution, bigot.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Oct 11, 2007 9:25am
Forum: democracy_now Subject: Re: for spaced case...moved

So it was you! You reviewed my horrible christmas song accurately many months ago under the speudonym cosmicharlie... oh shit is it a harley or charlie or chris farly? Or was that an imposter post just now?